snack time!

Have you ever bought a can of beans and not known what to do with what’s left over after you’ve used your desired amount? Sometimes I throw a plastic bag over the can and place it in the fridge, just to end up throwing the can away a few days later. Well I’ve just encountered a dish that will solve that problem for me! This is of course, if I’m using black beans or garbanzo beans (chickpeas). This dish is like pico de gallo meets a middle eastern dip. Its pretty great because you just throw together a small amount of black beans, a small amount of chickpeas, some lemon juice, some mint leaves, garlic, tomato, onion, sea salt, pepper and a splash of olive oil and mix! You’ve got your beans for protein, a few veggies, olive oil for your omega 6 and lemon juice to add a little glow to your skin and hair. It doesn’t take long to throw together since you can put however much of each ingredient you want, but don’t forget to taste test as you’re making it, so you know its going to be great. And if there’s any advice I can give you, I would say be careful of the lemon juice, a little goes a long way!
I really enjoyed my balela on some pita with a little bit of hummus (another use for chickpeas). It held me over between lunch and dinner and kept me away from the cupcakes! Enjoy!

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