On the road

I love visiting my parents in Des Moines. There’s something about that place that is calming and pleasant. And within the last 10 years, the place has just exploded with awesome restaurants and shops. It’s a twenty something’s heaven. But the one thing I worry about is food. When am I going to eat and what am I going to eat. I definitely don’t want my parents worrying about my abnormal diet or breaking the bank trying to buy things they’ve never heard of in order for me to eat. So my solution and advice for anyone that might encounter a situation like this; plan ahead.
I always pack a few snacks that are high in protein (to fill me up) or something that can hold me over. I usually pack trail mix or almonds, popcorn and some kind of fruit (usually dried mango or apples). I like buying Naked Juices “Green Machine” because its like a multi vitamin in a delicious beverage!
My second secret weapon to not starving: do your research. Whenever I travel, the second thing I look up (after fun activities) is grocery stores and co-ops. So I know there is a co-op a block away from my parents house. I know there’s a Whole Foods 3 blocks away from a friend in Chicago. I know in Wisconsin, there is a family owned grocery store with a health section about 3 miles from my father in law’s house. It’s always fun to explore local co-ops and grocery stores just to see the different products. I buy a few simple items that I know I can finish during my stay and a few items to make a nice dinner or dish for my hosts and I’m set! This might not be as exciting as going out to eat, but how many restaurants can offer a vegan meal besides pasta? This way, you know you’re eating healthy and you can choose what you want and not be disappointed when a restaurant doesn’t have a vegan substitute for a burger or tofu for a curry dish.
I know I’m going to enjoy a delicious veggie hummus wrap and a chocolate mouse “cheesecake” from Campbell’s nutrition before I leave Des Moines!

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  1. If you like thai food, Taste of Thai in DSM has a lots of veggie & vegan options and is super-tasty. I’ll try to hunt down some more good restaurants for you when you’re home. I’m pretty sure Open Sesame has some vegan options too.

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