being vegan

I have no recipe today, I thought I would get on my soap box for a minute and talk about this wonderful lifestyle I live. My husband and I have been vegan for nearly 5 years. We decided to go vegan our last year of undergrad, when I found out I was lactose intolerant. I had been vegetarian before that, so finding out I was lactose intolerant really sealed the deal. Preston was really excited to support me by going vegan because he is an ethicist and factory farming and the environment are two things he is very passionate about.
Upon doing research about my new diet, I found that not only am I keeping myself healthy and reducing my chances of cancer, but I am also helping the environment and supporting my local farmers.
There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding vegans. My favorite two are: kitschy punks that wear skinny jeans and don’t shower often and hippies who smell funny and eat the most obscure and gross looking foods. I don’t think I fit into either category. I enjoy showering and I’m not very kitschy, I also like to eat food that looks and smells appetizing. There are a lot of foods out there that most people wouldn’t normally cook with that vegans do, but that is only because we have to be more creative when finding substitutes for cheese and meat.
Being vegan is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I never have to worry about high cholesterol and I have significantly reduced my chances of getting cancer. I have added years onto my life just by choosing to eat organic and fresh foods. I have never felt so in tune with my body and I have more energy and a healthy glow to my skin.
People often claim that they could never afford to be vegan but that is just absurd. I was able to afford being vegan when I was making $16000 a year. Going to farmer’s markets and places like Trader Joe’s makes being vegan very affordable. There is also the option of starting a garden and growing your own veggies and herbs, which can significantly reduce your grocery bill. Where there’s a will, there’s a way; and I think if I can send any message through this blog, it’s that ANYONE can be vegan.

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